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Buddha House Himalayan Brothers, one of our dream Dharmashala hotels, presents a swanky staying option in the heart of Dharmashala. Adding a charming touch to your stay, our hotel, situated in the cozy lap of nature. Hotel Buddha House can be quite a good lodging and fooding option among Dharamshala Hotels. Make an entry through our main gate, and get ready to be awed by the looks of the property.

Situated in a place where pollution in any form is not visible, everything that can make for a well-off and anxiety-free stay will be present here. We are aware that you might bring your vehicle(s) for your vacation and therefore we have ample space parking area . Equipped with CCTV cameras at strategic positions, we will ensure your safety and security for as long as you are within our campus. You may relax and revel to your ultimate capacity, without stressing over your baggage’s safety.

If you visit us in a group (schools, colleges, institutions, corporate houses), we are not just suitable for a comfy stay, but also for conferences and presentations of around 50 people. Our well-furnished conference room will allow you a bespoke discussion or meeting experience.

Too tired to climb up the stairs after a tedious walk down the slopes or after an all-day trip? Avail our elevator. At Buddha House, one of the most awaited Dharamshala hotels, we are always ready to serve you with the best fare, no matter what. Our in-house restaurant and coffee shop can house fifty people together, hence making it easy for you and your group to sit and have fun together.

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Booking a hotel online with Himalayan Brothers is simple! Visit our website or contact us directly to reserve your luxury stay in Himachal Pradesh.

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