Himalayan Brothers – Our Story

Hotel Himalayan brothers gets its name from a nomad family that descended south from the charming village of Bhanodi in Himachal Pradesh in search of livelihood. Scroll down to know how the band of brothers changed history.
1997 – In Puttaparthi, Andhra Pradesh, we began a small jewelry business offering stones, gems and jewelry pieces to our customers.
Over the years, we created a strong relationship with our customers and leveraged it when we began our tour business. Very soon, we achieved success in selling tour packages. Our deep interest in the travel business made us realize that making it our primary venture . Having descended from the Himalayas, we wanted to go back to our roots to serve the people living in the region. As the topography is extremely popular among the millennial tourists for its peaceful and tranquil environment. So we shifted to our homeland of Dharamshala.

2008 – We had gathered a healthy and loyal clientele and wanted to try our luck in the hotel business. We decided to launch a hotel in Dharamshala.

Himalayan Brothers

2009 – Hotel Samdupling was established for travelers wanting a comfortable and cozy staying option. Embedded with all the amenities one needs for a vacation, without getting their pockets pinched.

2016 – With time, we gathered appreciation for our smooth service, conviviality and attention to clients’ detailed needs. This is when we built Hotel Quartz, the ultimate haven for opulence and splendid holidaying.

2019 – Buddha House, our next Hotel, is about to stat operating soon. Buddha House is for those who prefer to have a balanced approach towards affluence.

Himalayan Brothers – Where Absolute Client Care and Social Responsibility Meet

Mission : To gladden our clients every time by preferring experiences right from the core of our hearts and exceeding our clients’ expectations. With our overflowing hospitality, warmth, and ace quality infrastructure, we make sure that you do not regret your decision to be part of our clientele. We are aware of the fact that you need a guide whilst staying here and so we make the best arrangements not only to enchant you, but also to sate your sight-seeing wishes.

Vision – Himalayan Brothers does not want to stop its endeavor of bringing smiles on your faces. Thus, we wish to continue establishing our footprint in Dalhousie, Manali and Shimla and then in the entire Himalayan region. We aim to see a Himalayan region, studded with our hotels at strategic locations.

Social Responsibility – At our branded hotel chain in Dharamshala and Mcleodganj, we do not solely emphasise on the comfort of our clients. We are equally committed to the social well-being of the locals staying in the region. Our staffs comprises less educated youth, whom we train, both in soft-skills and work. You can rest assured of the service they offer, as the locals are extremely particular about your comfort during your stay. You might, at times, feel that our workforce is not equipped with language skills, but we believe in the language of fellow-feeling and love.

We suggest prior booking of rooms and suites to avoid hassles later on. Talk to us for details.


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