Kangra Fort

Kangra Fort is the most beautiful Gem of Dharamshala, Kangra. This fort is located 20 Km from Dharamshala towards Chandigarh. This Fort is largest & oldest fort in Himalayas & some survey shows that it was built at the time of Mahabharata .

According to the sources kangra fort is founded by Rajanaka Bhumi Chand in 4300 B.C. There is very interesting story behind this – when Goddess Ambika was fighting with a demon, a drop of Goddess’s sweat fell on the earth. This sweat give the birth to Bhumi Chand & he helped the Goddess fight against the demon. As a blessing, Ambika granted him the Kingdom of Trigarta .

According to some other stories Kangra Fort is built by Maharaja Susharma Chandra. Sushrma Chandra fought against the pandavs & after defeat of Kauravas he did not go back his homeland. He came to Kangra & took Trigarta under his control & made the the fort.

Both the stories are very interesting but the fort is more beautiful than stories. If you are Art lover or interested in History Than this the place for You. After reading about Kangra Fort  and If you are thinking to visit Kangra Fort and looking for hotel near Kangra Fort than you are at right place. Himalayan brothers hotels are just 10 minute drive from Kangra Fort.



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