Dorzong Monastery

Dorzong Monastery is located on the foot of Dhauladhar Mountain Range, Dorzong Monastic Institute is a place for studying and practicing Buddha Dharma. The institute is situated about 20kms from Dharamshala near Gopalpur village.

A first look at this monastery from the highlands of the Himani Chamunda will have you believe that this structure was not actually built but neatly placed in the jungle. The yellow roof of the monastery shines bright in the fading light of the sun. And when you see something as spectacular as Dorzong Monastery from a distance, it’s obvious that you make a little effort and dig inside that jungle to get a closer look.

The Monastery complex currently operates under the tutelage of the Eighth Kyabje Dorzong Rinpoche. And when I say complex, it means just not the monastery but that includes the students hostel, the seminar halls, teacher’s residence, and of course the gigantic stupas.

What a captivating place, so calm that you can hear your breath and you can find hidden treasure. A must visit if you are looking for tranquility and want to spend some time in solitude. Road is little difficult but it is all worth it, once you reach there you will realize that how calm and peaceful the place is. You can spend some good time there.

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